• Studio Art Director - Midway Studios - Austin ( 2004-2008 )
Grew Art Department from 19 artists to 40+, Developed and implemented processes for artist hiring, recruiting, evaluation, lead management and delegation.  Sent to other Midway Studios to solve art quality and pipeline issues.



  • Co-Owner/Art Director - Inevitable Entertainment ( 2000-2004 )
Completed Tribes2 and The Hobbit for Vivendi/Universal, Area51 and Defender GameCube for Midway Games, Metal of Honor multiplayer for Electronic Arts.



  • Co-Owner/CTO - Upstyle Designs Inc ( 2007-present )
Creation of multi-user, 3D, Adobe Flash 9 based, sales and marketing application for the home building industry.  Also created a web-based backend database management application.



  • Owner - Train Artisan Inc ( 2001-present )
Contract Art outsourcer for Microsoft's Train Simulator 2.  Also create video productions and train simulation software.



  • Vice President of Digital Productions - Acclaim Entertainment ( 1997-1999 )
Oversaw art production efforts at Acclaim Studios - Austin, Teeside, London, Salt Lake City, and New York. Also managed the global motion capture studio and Cinematics group.



  • Executive Director of Advanced Technologies - Acclaim Entertainment ( 1995-1997 )
Sent to world-wide Acclaim Studios to solve art quality, organizational and pipeline issues.



  • Director of Advanced Technologies - Iguana Entertainment ( 1994-1995 )
Founded 3D art department at Iguana and enabled the company to pursue and complete new console products; Turok Dinosaur Hunter and Batman Forever Arcade.



  • Art Director - Crystal Dynamics ( 1992-1994 )
Hired as the fifth employee - Founded the art department. Completed projects; Crash 'n Burn, Total Eclipse, and The Horde.



  • Lead Artist - Strategic Simulations ( 1988-1992 )
Created creature graphics for Dungeon and Dragons Gold Box Games.  Lead Artist of Darksun.  Brought the use of 3D graphics and software to use in products.



  • Board Member on The Game Developer Conference Advisorsory Board (Since 1997)
Help to develop the track content, review submissions, and invite top industry professionals to speak at the annual conference.